Investment app


The brief

We were briefed to refresh the proposition and brand to attract a broader range of customers. Engage less experienced customers, giving them an entry point to the market with the tools and reassurance they needed to invest with confidence. 


Creating broad appeal

We designed an all new app with defined features and services that really added value, making the choice of products clear. 

I was responsible for the leading Ul by translating the brand guidelines into a digital design system, laying the visual foundations of Bestinvest's new brand into the online space.


Customer testing

Throughout the process, I was involved in creating and testing UI prototypes of key userjourneys with existing and new customers on a regular basis. 

It was essential that we respected the needs of the loyal customer base whilst creating a platform that would resonate with a new audience.


Making possibility playful 

The brands tone is around making possibility playful, being non jargonistic and real, yet non patronising. I wanted to make sure the app had these brand moments baked into the experience.

And we know that using visualisation can be very powerful. When people can ‘see’ their personal financial goals, they become better at moving towards them.. I worked with a London based illustrator Design Lad and briefed in over 20 illustrations to use across their website, app and marketing comms.

We used these visuals for 'high brand moments'  to celebrate success, visualise financial goals and showcase key products,


My role

Product design director
UI / UX Design
Digital branding

Special thanks

Hi Mum! Said Dad 
Bestinvest team
Design Lad. Illustrator


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